Muskegon Y’s Club Cancels the 2020 White Elephant Sale

Since we respect the health and safety of our Customers, Donors, Members and Volunteers during the pandemic, we are canceling the Muskegon White Elephant Sale scheduled for May 15-16, 2020.

Since we also aim to continue our mission to sponsor kids to attend Camp Pendalouan, we are offering a NEW Alternate Muskegon Y’s Club fundraiser in 2020 to replace the cancelled Sale.

The Muskegon Y’s Club has an open and active account at Shoreline Top Bid, the on-line auction company located at 2240 Glade, Muskegon, MI, and we are making arrangements with the owner for you to donate items directly to their location.  Proceeds from the sale of your donations will come back to the Muskegon Y’s Club to be earmarked for the Camp Pendalouan Scholarship Fund.  THIS ACTIVITY WILL CONTINUE ALL YEAR AFTER LAUNCH.  When our day-to-day activities return to normalcy, you will be able to schedule drop-offs by calling the Shoreline Top Bid owner, Bill Smith, at 231-286-0766.  Also, we may be able to arrange Blue Truck pick-up by calling club member Gerry Nehra at 231-740-5908.

NOTE: We have NOT returned to normalcy yet.  Please wait until we post a LAUNCH date for this NEW fundraising approach before calling for drop-offs. The post will appear on our website WWW.MUSKEGONYSCLUB.ORG  and our FB page at FACEBOOK.COM/MUSKEGONYSCLUB  We will establish and post mutually agreeable  guidelines with Shoreline Top Bid for accepting a more limited list of items to donate than in the past. You will not be able to buy items at a sale site this year, but you will be able to purchase items on line during the appropriate Shore Line Top Bid Auction dates. More details with the LAUNCH post.

We pray that you and yours remain healthy and safe during these trying times of the pandemic.

May God Bless You, Your Families, and the Campers and Staff at Pendalouan.

—The Muskegon Y’s Club, founded in 1926